Market study and techno-economic feasibility report for poultry project in Senegal


A KSA based private equity firm engaged Aranca to study the poultry market in Senegal and develop a techno-economic feasibility report for an integrated poultry project

Aranca Approach

Assessment of the poultry market dynamics in Senegal, industry structure, regulations, production methodologies and future trends


Our analysis helped the Client in understanding the market viability and economic feasibility of the project and facilitated in arriving at a Go/No-Go decision


Identify critical players in the poultry supply chain

Develop discussion guides and analytical framework for data collation/synthesis

Desk Research

Historical production data, contribution to livestock GDP, industry turnover details

Regulatory overview, import trends, details of key players

Expert Interviews

Discussions with hatcheries, poultry farms , retailers and Ministry for Livestock and Animal Production

Focus on consumption pattern, future outlook, cost factors, revenue streams


Developed detailed financial model and feasibility report

Derived the project attractiveness i.e. NPV, payback period & IRR