IP Valuation

Unparalleled blend of strong IP research, market research and valuation capabilities.

Why Aranca?

We are probably the only firm with research expertise in all domains — technology, market and financial valuation — that empowers us to deliver insightful valuation opinions on IP Assets across diverse business situations.



1000+ valuation clients, among the top tier valuation firms in the US

75+ years – overall experience of senior principals in business and patent valuations holding CFA, ASA and CPVA designations


Market Intelligence

150+ Fortune 500 companies leverage our market intelligence practice for multiple strategic priorities

200+ strong analyst team focused across industry sectors

2000+ products & services in which our research team has extensive breadth and depth of research


Technology Expertise

40+ strong team of patent experts

250+ technology domains researched

500+ global clients including enterprises, law firms, NPEs, universities and PE firm partners


Resources & Experience

30+ countries in which we maintain on-ground presence with capabilities to conduct multi-lingual B2B or B2C interviews

Access to vast banks of specialized data sources including Thompson Innovation, ktMine, industry reports, and many more

What is the overall strength of IP Asset to drive economic value?

Understanding/Application Area

  • How does subject IP fit in the overall end-use product or solution?
  • What are the key issues or pain points that IP being evaluated addresses?
  • Are all current and potential key application areas identified?

Geographical Markets

  • Which geographical markets seem most viable targets given overall industry dynamics, commercialization life-cycle and other relevant factors?

Technology Landscape

  • How has technology in a domain evolved over time?
  • How crowded is the domain currently?
  • Are there any break-through innovations that can be potential business disruptors?

Strength or Superiority

  • Is there any potent invalidation or infringement risk for key patents?
  • How does IP being evaluated compare with incumbent or other alternative technologies?

How attractive is market opportunity from monetization perspective ?

Market Dynamics

  • What is overall market ecosystem (structure, , value chain, etc.) in target markets?
  • What is the addressable market size and demand-supply dynamics?
  • What are key growth drivers and emerging trends?

Competitive Landscape

  • Who are the key players providing products/solutions competing with subject IP?
  • What are their market shares and how they have changed over the years?

Licensee Identification

  • Are their any players that are infringing on the subject IP or will be sufficiently interested in licensing the technology?

What market share (revenues) can be expected in foreseeable future? What risks are involved in considered monetization options?

Monetization Strategies

  • Given IP landscape and market analysis, what choices can be considered for monetization of technology – launch products, joint venture, licensing, others?
  • How difficult is to assemble business resources other than IP to implement the business plan?

Licensee Analysis

  • Which players are most likely targets for out-licensing and hence should be approach first?
  • What is the level of difficulty , costs and time involved in pursuing licensing deals?

Financial Projections

  • How much market share, revenues can Company possibly capture over the foreseeable future?
  • How will unit economics will impact the road to profitability?
  • How financial forecasts will change in different scenarios?

How much excess economic profits can be reasonably expected? What’s the overall business value and IP value?

Role of IP & Economic Analysis

  • How much capital will be required to pursue the business or IP monetization plan?
  • What is role of other resources? (e.g. partnerships and collaborations, sales & marketing, etc. )

Guideline Royalty Transactions

  • What royalty rates have prevailed for licensing transactions involving similar IP in the past?
  • What adjustments are deemed necessary to determine the appropriate royalty rate?

Valuation & Scenarios

  • What income/market based valuation methods are suitable?
  • What expected rate of return commensurate the risks involved?
  • How different is IP value from overall business value? What drivers have most impact on value?
Our IP Valuation Experience
300+ assignments executed across major technology domains for diverse M&A, tech transfer, out-licensing and other transaction needs

GuestLogix, Inc.

Oewaves, Inc.

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) devices

Provided IP valuation service to assist in negotiating licensing agreement with Strobe, Inc.

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems, Inc.

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Technology

Provided IP valuation service for a portfolio of 50 patent families for management guidance and internal planning

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems, Inc.

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Technology

Provided IP valuation service to assist in purchase of patent portfolio from UTC Power

Koolbridge Solar

Koolbridge Solar, Inc.

Smart Load Center (SLC) and DC-AC Invertor

Provided IP valuation service to assist in fundraising and/or negotiating a licensing deal with a global electric company


Trueffect, Inc.

First Party Display Advertising Solutions

Provided IP valuation service to assist in obtaining bank finance


Spinefrontier, Inc.

Less Exposure Surgery (LES) Medical Devices

Provided IP valuation service to assist in fundraising

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems, Inc.

Fidelity Investments, Baxter Healthcare

Provided ASC805 purchase price allocation in connection with acquisition of Celscia Therapeutics, Inc.

Broadband iTV, Inc.

Broadband iTV, Inc.

Interactive video-on-demand applications

Provided IP valuation service to assist in monetization of patent portfolio

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