HealthTech Decoded

Published on 08 Jul, 2021

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HealthTech Deal activity in 1H21 has soared promoting new subsectors with innovative solutions with healthcare proving its importance over the last 15 months.

Connected care has emerged as a hotbed for investment activity as consumers seek healthcare advice over tech platforms (as opposed to in-person visits). Widespread acknowledgment of the company’s increased productivity using data management (scripts) has continued the investment run for Enterprise HealthTech solutions.

The overall liquidity in the market has certainly provided the sector with the necessary uplift which has led to blockbuster deals and emergence of new unicorns in a very short time.

In this edition of HealthTech Decoded, we bring you insights into the sector’s performance following the pandemic outbreak as well as notable funding trends across the globe in the HealthTech space in 1H21.

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