HealthTech Decoded

Published on 19 Oct, 2020

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As the world fights through COVID-19, Healthcare technology (or HealthTech) have been in the spotlight for the past few months and have also garnered substantial investor interest. HealthTech companies primarily include startups harnessing digital solutions to solve real-world problems in the broader healthcare domain. At a time when the healthcare infrastructure is being tested for its resolve, these digital solutions have been instrumental in addressing customer needs. As the interest and adoption of HealthTech grows, the sector is poised for a supernormal growth curve and is on track to create new Unicorns. As expected, the sector continues to attract funding at modest pace despite the ongoing crisis, and it is expected to thrive over the foreseeable future.

In this first edition of HealthTech Decoded, we bring you insights into the sector’s performance amid the pandemic as well as notable funding trends across the globe in the HealthTech space in 1H-2020.