Charging the world through lithium battery recycling

Published on 17 Feb, 2020

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Lithium ion batteries provide added advantages over conventional batteries making them more appropriate in a world of portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. Their ability to sustain temperature variations, compact structure, rapid charging facility, and use of lightweight material like graphite and lithium make them a popular choice. Lithium ion batteries have about 70% market share traditional batteries are fast losing their space. This market is estimated to grow up to $26.45 million by the year 2025.

Currently the spent batteries end up in landfills or are sent to China adding to the environmental degradation. Recycling these batteries will not only be cost- effective but will also be a green step.

As the manufacture of these batteries are on a rise, now is the correct time to implement changes that will ensure that there are no long lasting, detrimental impact on the environment.