Revolutionizing Energy Storage: The Untapped Potential of Sodium and Zinc

Published on 10 Jan, 2024

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There has been a global shift in recent times to clean technology as advancements in electric vehicles (EVs), as well as solar and wind energy, gain momentum. However, there are several limitations in the existing energy-storage mechanism. Lithium-ion batteries are primarily used for energy storage, but lithium is scarcely available and highly expensive. Additionally, such batteries are relatively unsafe, and there have been several reports of batteries overheating and bursting. Sodium and zinc batteries are good alternatives to overcome these issues. Both metals are more widely available than lithium and cost less. However, their lower density means that sodium and zinc batteries would be larger and heavier. Therefore, such batteries could be used in applications where stationary energy is possible or in EVs, with limited mobility. Startups and well-established firms are making significant investments in the development of sodium and zinc batteries and are likely to reap strong returns.