Microbiome Based Therapies - Emerging Therapy Area

Published on 31 May, 2021

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Microbiome-based therapeutics is a promising field with applications in various therapeutic areas. It has attracted significant commercial interest, especially in the oncology and immunology spaces. Around 575 clinical trials were launched and over 640 microbiome-related patents granted in 2020. Entry of major pharmaceutical players, government initiatives, product development in multiple therapy areas, rapid scientific innovations and newer technologies are some of the key drivers for the microbiome market. MSD, Takeda, and AstraZeneca are among the major pharmaceutical players investing in the microbiome space through partnerships/collaborations with key emerging biotech players.

This report by Aranca is an opportunity assessment study pertaining to the microbiome domain, including an assessment of the drug pipeline of key emerging players. The report also covers various partnerships of big pharmaceutical companies with emerging players, trends in the market and opportunity areas.