1. Integrating ESG in Real Estate

    Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is slowly gaining prominence across industries. Real estate has been a late adopter of this concept, but global warming concerns and net zero commitments have accelerated its acceptance within more

  2. Price Corrections in Global Caustic Soda Market

    The global caustic soda market observed substantial price corrections in 2023 following the elevated energy costs in 2022. APAC, commanding 55–65% of chlor-alkali capacity, saw a 19% drop, led by China. In contrast, North American suppliers were resilient to d more

  3. The Rise and Challenges of Direct-to-Consumer Model

    In recent years, the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model has captured the attention of consumers and businesses alike, promising a more personalized and convenient shopping experience. With the advent of COVID-19, D2C brands received an more

  1. The Ripple Effect: Innovation Disrupting Industries

    The last decade has witnessed that innovation in one industry has transcended traditional industry boundaries and disrupted businesses across industries. The pace of trans-industry disruptive innovations is expected to accelerate in the coming decades, blur more

  2. Harnessing Patent Landscapes across Departments

    Patent landscapes, once the exclusive domain of Intellectual Property (IP) teams, have evolved into a goldmine of information shaping decisions beyond protecting innovations. This case study unveils the pivotal role patents play in steering business more

  1. The Current Real Estate Turmoil in China

    China’s real estate sector is in turmoil due to various factors, ranging from low investment to declining trade numbers. It has far-reaching implications and is threatening the country’s economic growth. Therefore, the government has more

  2. US Economic Slowdown – An Opportunity for India?

    As the US economy edges toward recession, equity investors are seeking opportunities in other countries. The focus is on emerging economies, specifically in Southeast Asia, and the main contenders are China and India. Both countries more

  1. Downward Spiral of Tech Industry Valuation

    The Indian tech industry has always been a strong player with consistent growth, but 2022 was a challenging year, and many companies saw a fall in their valuations. This was attributed to factors such as fear more