Technical Analysis
(Brokerage Firms & IRPs)

Aranca's analysts forecast the direction of markets and stocks/commodities with 80%+ accuracy.


Of global indices are analyzed and acted upon on a regular basis.


Stocks are tracked daily to take trading and investment calls.


Man hours of extensive technical analysis on stocks and commodities.

Solutions Portfolio

Aranca is well-versed with key technical analysis techniques that generate trading ideas with better Risk/Reward ratios.

Asset Classes

Coverage & Maintenance

  • Equities
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Investments calls
  • Swing and trend following trades
  • Commodities
  • Long and medium-term reports
  • Trading calls
  • Procurement support
  • Currencies
  • Directional reports
  • Hedging advisory

Key Analysis Techniques

  • Trend-following techniques and systems
  • Dow theory
  • Inter market analysis
  • Elliot wave
  • Complex technical analysis tools
  • Relative analysis
  • Candlestick patterns

Our Experience

North America Supported over 10+ large and mid-sized brokerages, covering the top 1,000 stocks.
South America In-depth technical analysis coverage on 200+ stocks and major indices.
Western Europe Directional reports on all major indices and 800+ top stocks.
Middle East Strong presence in the Middle Eastern market, covering over 90%+ stocks across the MENA region as well as all regional indices.
Africa Technical analysis on 100+ African stocks that cover almost all major sectors.
Asia & Australia Engaged with over 10+ hedge funds and brokerages across Pan Asia, covering 50%+ market cap stocks.

Looking to increase your investment research coverage while still reducing costs?

Knowledge Library

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