Private Equity,
Venture Capital

End-to-end support services across the deal cycle to global Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.


Investment opportunities screened across multiple sectors and business (start-ups to mature businesses) lifecycles.


Business due diligence exercises conducted on opportunities across different sectors and geographies.


Regular reporting and portfolio management of PE/VC firms.

Solutions Portfolio

PE-VC firms leverage our research expertise across the deal cycle.

Fund Raising

  • Funding environment assessment
  • Macro and sector research
  • Investor identification, screening and profiling
  • Presentation support
  • Road show presentation
  • Pitchbook preparation
  • Investment & private placement memoranda
  • Prospectus drafting

Pre-deal Research

  • Sector and market studies
  • Deals analysis
    • Valuation multiples
    • Discount/premia analysis
  • Target identification and screening
    • “Hot list” generation
    • Company profiles

Deal Evaluation

  • Financial modeling & valuations
  • Discounted cash flows (DCF) and market-based/relative valuation
  • Precedent transactions analysis
  • Comparative company analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis dashboards
  • Business due diligence
    • Deal viability
    • Market/sector study
    • Benchmarking

Managing/Growing Portfolio

  • Reporting and presentation support
    • Portfolio reporting and MIS
    • Investment board presentations
    • Sales and marketing support
  • Strategic Initiatives
    • Periodic valuation, investor communication


  • Evaluating exit opportunities
    • List generation and buyer screening
    • Identify and shortlist (strategic) acquirer
  • Strategic sale assessment
  • Financial modeling and valuations
    • Precedent transactions and IPO valuation
    • Relative valuation
    • Returns analysis

Why Aranca?


Presence Across the Deal Cycle

We support PE/VC firms across the deal cycle — from research/screening of targets, through fund raising, deal evaluation and management, portfolio management up to evaluating potential exit opportunities.


Global Research Experience

Our pool of 150+ analysts have a combined experience of 750+ man years and are well-versed in assisting PE/VC firms on a multitude of deals across all major markets.


Impactful Analysis for Investors

Our critical and relevant analysis have helped the PE/VC firms on managing and growing their portfolio companies, as well as in evaluation of exit opportunities.

Our Experience

North America 75+ years of combined analyst experience in assisting boutique as well as regional private equity/venture capital firms in deals spread across 20+ sectors. Closely monitored and managed portfolios of over US$ 2 billion
Western Europe 50+ years of combined analyst experience in conducting market and feasibility studies, target identification, and pitchbooks
Africa & Middle East 100+ years of combined analyst experience in evaluating potential investment opportunities, market studies, due diligence , tracking portfolio performance, and PPM
Asia & South Pacific 75+ hours of combined analyst experience in the APAC region, with projects involving opportunity assessments and portfolio modelling

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