Multi-Asset Strategies
(Asset Managers)

Portfolio management services for fund managers with multi-asset investment mandates.


Portfolio Managers comprising multi-asset allocations serviced globally.


Asset allocation models built for global asset managers.


Man hours worth of experience assisting multi-asset fund managers.

Solutions Portfolio

Portfolio management, asset allocation and analytics for global multi-asset Fund Managers.

Performance Analytics

  • Performance attribution analysis
  • Top-down/bottom-up attribution
  • Factor-based attribution
  • Allocation and selection effect assessment
  • Returns contribution analysis
  • Interaction, management effect analysis

Fund/Portfolio Analytics

  • Proprietary screens creation & maintenance
  • Manager profiling, due diligence
  • Performance measurement
  • Portfolio trackers
  • Commodities price & forecasts trackers
  • Industry metrics comparison
  • Insider trading activity tracking

Risk Solutions & Custom Research

  • Risk indicator monitoring
  • Risk profiling & reporting
  • Credit & equity portfolio risks
  • VaR modeling
  • Scenario analysis
  • Investment hypothesis testing
  • Derivatives research — currency and interest rates
  • ABS/MBS screening

Asset Allocation Modeling

  • Asset and security selection
  • Statistical simulation
  • Index creation and maintenance
  • Index back-testing
  • Back-testing and stress-testing
  • Portfolio construction & maintenance

Our Experience

North America 10,000+ man hours of analyst experience in the North American region across mid-to-large sized asset management firms that invest across the traditional asset class universe
Western Europe 50+ asset allocation models built across asset classes traded in Europe
5,000+ analyst hours of experience in multi-asset portfolio maintenance services including benchmarking and performance analytics
Africa & Middle East 50+ portfolios serviced for large and small ME-based Asset Managers investing in both traditional and alternate asset classes
Experience in index construction, benchmarking and back-testing activities
Asia & South Pacific 15,000+ man hours of analyst experience in the APAC region
Projects executed primarily in performance measurements, price trackers, and scenario analysis, among others

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