Equity Capital Markets (ECM)
(Investment Banks)

End-to-end ECM services ranging from Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Follow-on Public Offerings (FPO), as well as convertibles and derivatives tailored to Investment Bankers.


IPOs supported across geographies and sectors for leading investment banks.


Pitch books prepared to support investment bankers get a pie of the business; 40% actual conversion.


Range assessment models along with prospectus drafting support for IPO valuations.

Solutions Portfolio

Deal origination, deal marketing, as well as analytics support for IPO, FPO, or convertibles and derivatives.

Deal Origination

  • Pre-deal marketing
  • Pitch book preparation
  • Proposal building
  • Pre-IPO evaluation support
  • Deal activity summary
  • Benchmarking
  • Valuation range assessment
  • IPO grade analysis
  • Capital structure analysis
  • Analytics to support ESOP structuring

Deal Marketing

  • Writing standard sections of IPO/Red Herring prospectus
  • Road show pitch book and presentation
  • Pre-IPO equity research note
  • Financial modelling and sensitivity/scenario analysis
  • Comps analysis
  • Public comps
  • Precedent transactions

Market Intelligence/Analysis

  • Tracking new deals
  • Tracking deal pricing trends
  • Tracking market and sector deal trends
  • Maintenance of deal and comps database
  • Supporting daily/weekly news products
  • News monitoring and impact analysis
  • ECM activity newsletters

Our Experience

North America Over 400 pitch books, 75 prospectus drafting support and 200 IPO valuation range assessment assignments delivered
Western Europe Over 250 pitch books, 20 prospectus drafting support and 100 IPO valuation range assessment assignments delivered
Africa & Middle East Over 150 pitch books, 20 prospectus drafting support and 75 IPO valuation range assessment assignments delivered
Asia & South Pacific Over 200 pitch books, 25 prospectus drafting support and 125 IPO valuation range assessment assignments delivered

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