Equity Research
(Asset Managers)

We'll provide the insights you need to cope with an ever-changing market.

$700 Billion

Worth of equity assets under management supported globally.


Of global equity AUM invested in emerging markets supported.


Regular financial modelling supported, with 100+ investment screeners.


Earnings/events participated/supported with asset managers.

Solutions Portfolio

Equity Research Services — Assisting Asset Managers with idea generation & fundamental analysis.

Databases, Screeners, Trackers

  • Proprietary screeners creation & maintenance
  • Industry databases
  • Portfolio trackers
  • Insider trading activity tracking
  • Commodities prices & forecast trackers
  • Industry operating/financial metrics comparison

Financial Models & Analysis

  • Financial models based on key business drivers
  • Quick models based on consensus estimates
  • Comparative multiples based models
  • Pre-IPO models
  • Cash-flow quality/earnings sustainability analysis
  • Earnings sensitivity/scenario analysis
  • Pre-earnings and event-based reporting

Company/Subject Analysis

  • Company analysis
    • Key investment positives and risks
    • Sell-side analysts report summary
    • Call prep decks for meetings with management
    • Conf. call summary
  • Sector/economy trends
    • Sector picks
    • Competitive dynamics
    • Benchmarking report on operating/valuation metrics
  • Tracking industry/management Interviews

Our Experience

North America 3,500+ stocks covered across 50+ industries, accounting for research coverage on 50% of the market cap.
South America 750+ stocks covered across 40+ sectors, accounting for research coverage on 40% of the market cap.
Europe 2.500+ stocks covered across 60+ sectors, accounting for 60% of the market cap.
Middle East 750+ stocks covered across the region (GCC and other Middle East countries as well) including large, mid- and small-caps, accounting for 85% of the market cap.
Africa 500+ African stocks and 20+ sectors covered extensively.
Asia and Australia 2,000+ plus stocks covered across China, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, and Indonesia, accounting for 60% of the market cap.

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