Debt Capital Markets (DCM)
(Investment Banks)

End-to-end DCM services ranging from execution support and market intelligence to credentials deck, all tailored to Investment Bankers.

$1.5 trillion

Debt raising supported across geographies and sectors for leading investment banks.


Pitch books prepared to support Investment Bankers in getting a pie of the business; 40% actual conversion.


Financial models to support DCM deals.

Solutions Portfolio

Deal origination, deal marketing, and analytics support for debt capital as well as debt syndication initiatives.

Execution Support

  • Tear sheets
  • Pitch books
  • Comparable analysis
  • Debt structure analysis
  • Credit, leverage, and liquidity ratio analysis
  • Credit quality analysis
  • Rating analysis
  • Debt covenant analysis
  • Financial modelling
    • Capital structure analysis
    • Liquidity analysis
    • Precedent transaction analysis

Deal Marketing

  • Road show pitch book and presentation
  • Writing standard sections of information memorandum
  • Creation & maintenance of credential decks

Market Intelligence/Analysis

  • Newsletters — daily/weekly/monthly/event-driven
  • Market and sector trends
  • Maintenance of deal and comps database
  • News monitoring and impact analysis
  • Periodic transaction activity summaries
  • Analysis of new regulations and their impact

Our Experience

North America 400+ pitch books and 100+ prospectus drafting support in the North American region that supported the cumulative debt raising of $700+ billion
Western Europe 200+ pitch books and 50+ prospectus drafting support in the European region that raised a cumulative debt of $450+ billion
Africa & Middle East 200+ pitch books and 100+ prospectus drafting support in the MENA region that raised a cumulative debt of $150+ billion
Asia & South Pacific 200+ pitch books and 75+ prospectus drafting support in the APAC region that raised a cumulative debt of $200+ billion

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