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Unbiased, techno-economic feasibility study reports backed by sound research to support project investment decisions

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Aranca’s customized market feasibility study helps businesses examine the market and financial viability of new projects and ventures.

Our research and critical analysis is geared towards a comprehensive evaluation of a project’s potential, risks, costs, and expected financial returns, thus aiding business and investment decisions.

  • In a dynamic marketplace, organizations require regular intelligence and insights to critically evaluate the business feasibility of growth, commercial ventures, new innovations and investment opportunities.
  • To aid decision makers, Aranca provides a complete array of feasibility solutions addressing the socio-economic situation, technical, market, competitive, operational and financial aspects.
  • Our market feasibility studies analyze pertinent market and competitive dynamics in detail, to quantify latent whitespace, addressable scale of the opportunity and market viability of a proposed project.
  • We also specialize in assessing the financial and business feasibility of proposed projects and ventures by building robust financial models and projections, and running simulations to determine financial returns under different scenarios.

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