Product expansion & revenue growth strategy for steel service center in India


To assist the company to diversify to other customer segments through customized offering

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of the current market dynamics, potential product opportunities, industry value chain, profit-pools and market gaps which can be tapped


Our assessment helped the client in shortlisting potential products and new end user industries for revenue growth


Market scan of service center industry and shortlist initial product list/end-user industry

Define analytical framework and blank slides for final opportunity selection

Desk Research

Mapping of key players in value chain

Competitor portfolio and positioning

Initial list of potential products and end user industry based on application

Current and future market potential

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 30 industry players across the value chain

Margins across various product categories and end use industries


Profit pool analysis, future growth and investment assessment across various product segments

Final product shortlisting based on future potential and profitability