Potential for investment in maize cultivation in northern Mozambique


To assess the potential for investment in maize cultivation in northern Mozambique

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of the market size, trends, drivers, supply, end use, and competition


Our analysis helped the client make an investment decision on maize cultivation in northern Mozambique as well as shortlist its target provinces


Market potential for maize cultivation in Mozambique

Overview of trade statistics and a detailed analysis of the supply chain

Desk Research

Agriculture resources and infrastructure for maize cultivation

Production and consumption statistics, trade statistics, supply chain details, key players, and competition

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 50 industry players, including associations/cooperatives, companies facilitating agricultural production, industry experts, traders, distributors/retailers, and industry associations


Actual production cost (with actual agronomic practices) per ha/year versus revenue potential

Opportunities to capitalize on the trade flow from Mozambique to other African countries