Opportunity assessment in the UK's Contactless Card Payments Industry


A Singapore-based consulting firm engaged Aranca to provide advisory services for a UK-based retail bank interested in launching contactless cards in the UK

Aranca Approach

Detailed market analysis report covering market size, major drivers, regulatory landscape and detailed business case


Our analysis helped the client identify the market potential of and identify opportunities in UK’s contactless card payment industry


Identify key industry parameters and metrics

Define framework for analysis of the existing contactless payment landscape to identify supply gap

Desk Research

Overview of the Global and UK Payments Industry: existing supply-side environment and future outlook

Detailed market analysis - market size, trends, competitive analysis, product portfolio and regulatory framework

Expert Interviews

Discussion with ~15 industry experts and competitors

Focus on operating model, competitive landscape , revenue and cost drivers and challenges


Identify the market potential in contactless card payment industry

Develop a detailed business case along with a high-level cost and revenue forecasts