Opportunity assessment for supplying skid-based chemical dosing systems in USA, China and Thailand


Denmark based global pump manufacturer engaged Aranca to identify growth opportunity for skid based chemical dosing system (CDS) in USA, China and Thailand

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of decision making for water treatment plant ( WTP) set-up, design & purchase related to WTP, industry practices, current & future demand of WTP and skid


The analysis helped client assess potential markets and best market practices to increase market share as well as presence


Define analytical framework to arrive at market opportunity, drivers and barriers for product of interest

Identification of EPC contractors ,WTP integrators and Skid manufacturers

Desk Research

Information about the key players in water treatment industry

Profiling of key skid manufacturers, government regulations and drivers

Primary Research

Discussions with ~110 EPC contractors, WTP integrators and Skid manufacturers

Focus on WTP projects, market size of WTP market, norms of usage, pricing and purchase process for skid based CDS.


Current and forecasted market size for skid based CDS

Need gap analysis, market attractiveness and best practices of buyer and suppliers of skid based CDS