Opportunity assessment for solar photovoltaic (PV) in East Africa


U.S based renewable energy company wanted to assess the potential to enter the solar photovoltaic (PV) segment in East Africa

Aranca Approach

In-depth analysis of the state of the industry, demand - supply dynamics, technology gaps, pricing, regulatory aspects competitor dynamics and demand drivers.


The client was able to take an informed decision on the approach needed to enter the market; key regions to focus on, pricing mechanism to be adopted, and distribution and supply chain strategies.


Showcasing business models of players currently operating in the segment.

Defining analytical framework and story flow slides for data collation / synthesis.

Desk Research

Information on regional installed capacity

Mapping of PV manufacturers and installers, their product / service offerings in line with the target markets

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 20+ industry stake holders across key East African countries

Insights on value chain, pricing and competitor dynamics


Conclusions on target market, segment growth, supply chain strategy

Developed a comprehensive market entry strategy