Opportunity assessment for skincare market in Argentina


The client, a leading US-based manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods, was interested in entering the skincare segment. Aranca helped the client assess the skincare market in Argentina.

Aranca Solution

Aranca conducted an in-depth analysis of skincare products, market structure and characteristics, market size (historical and projected), recent trends, and market news.


Our analysis helped the client assess opportunities in the market and effectively target potential customers in the Argentinian market.


Identify the various types of skincare products available in the market as well as key manufacturers.

Define an analytical framework, along with blank slides, for data collation / synthesis.

Desk Research

Market data (historic and projected) related to all types of skincare products.

Map key manufacturers and importers in the value chain.

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 80 stakeholders across the value chain, including manufacturers, distributors, and industry experts.


Analyze market dynamics and strategies.

Identify key challenges and recommend possible solutions for entering the market.