Opportunity assessment for polyamide fibres in 3D printing applications


A US based manufacturer of polyamide fibres commissioned Aranca to assess the market opportunity in 3D printing applications

Aranca Approach

In-depth assessment of the polyamide fibres market covering trends in adoption, growth in end markets, outlook for demand and end user expectations


The study enabled the client to gain insights on emerging trends in adoption of polyamide fibres and assess the outlook for demand in 3D printing

Desk Research

Assessment of current demand for polyamide fibres by key applications

Evaluation of emerging trends in adoption for 3D printing

Analysis of end use market growth, and forecasting market opportunity

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 45+ industry players and experts

Focus on current demand, degree of adoption, expectations from supplier and outlook for the market


Historical and future projections (five year) for polyamide fibres in 3D printing

Preliminary recommendations on expectations from suppliers

Inputs on potential end use customers