Opportunity Assessment for Home Healthcare Service Providers in the US


A leading Europe-based home healthcare services provider engaged Aranca to study the market attractiveness of USA’s home healthcare segment

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the existing market dynamics covering market size and trends, major services, factors affecting growth, competitive scenario


Our analysis helped the client to understand the market demand, competitive intensity and pricing strategies


Define framework to determine market size and identify key players

Identify preference of services provided by homecare agencies among Americans

Desk Research

Market trends, ageing demographics, regulations, Medicare reimbursements

Number of service providers, key players and their market share

Expert Interviews

Discussion with 20-25 industry players including home healthcare agencies, home care aide organizations & hospices to focus on sales, revenue sources, pricing strategy


Derive market size, and identify service categories exhibiting growth potential

Identify market share, pricing & marketing strategies of major service providers