Market opportunity assessment for Mobile VAS services in Asia


Aranca assisted a global PE firm in understanding the mobile VAS market opportunity across Asia to identify potential partners for localized content

Aranca Approach

Market analysis of mobile VAS services and case studies of key mobile VAS providers, highlighting their operations and success factors


Insights on key findings helped our client in identifying potential partners for localized content


Discussions with client to identify and define the key product offerings to assess companies

Define analytical framework and blank slides for data collation / synthesis

Desk Research

Global and Asian mobile VAS market analysis covering market size, evolution, competitive landscape

Case studies on success stories within mobile VAS domain

Expert Interviews

Discussions with over 100 industry players to gain insights on the nature of alliances / business model followed by mobile VAS service providers globally


Benchmarking of key product offerings

Ranking key players on the basis of mobile VAS product offerings