Market landscaping for optical coating and sensors in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)


A leading North American defense company was keen to understand market landscape for optical coatings in UAVs

Aranca Solution

Study on market dynamics, demand centers, customer behavior, value chain, & competitive landscape for optical sensors in UAVs in the US


The study enabled the client to understand dynamics of the optical coatings market, potential entry strategies and growth plans


Mapping industrial and commercial applications for different UAVs

Identify sensors & coatings used

Define analytical framework and spreadsheets for data collation

Desk Research

Mapping of key players in value chain

Ascertaining application areas for coatings and/or sensors/filters

Usage trends in key applications

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 40+ industry players and experts

Focus on market insights, buying behavior, technology, & business models


Historical and future projections (five year) of optical sensor market in UAVs

Opportunity assessment and entry strategies for a new player