Market assessment and opportunity mapping for kitchen appliances in South Africa


German-based client was interested in gaining an understanding of the market for kitchen appliances in South Africa

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of kitchen appliances, market structure and characteristics, market size (historical & forecasted), recent trends and market news and international regulations


Our analysis helped the client to assess the opportunity in the market and effectively target potential customers in South African market


Identifying types of kitchen appliances in the market and the key manufacturers

Define analytical framework and blank slides for data collation / synthesis

Desk Research

Market data (historic and forecasted) for all types of kitchen appliances

Mapping of key manufacturers and importers in value chain

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 20-25 manufacturers and distributors across South Africa

Focus on key drivers & challenges, supply chain, pricing, key offerings and regulations in the market


Analyze market demand and supply for the kitchen appliances

Estimate demand-supply gap and indentify opportunities in the market