Industry analysis of high voltage power cables in India


UAE based power cable manufacturer engaged Aranca to evaluate the extra high voltage power cable market in India

Aranca Approach

Study on market dynamics, demand centers, customer behavior, value chain, & competitive landscape for power cables in India


The study enabled the client to understand the dynamics of the Indian power cable market, potential entry strategies and define specific growth plans


Shortlist industrial & utility related applications of power cables

Identify types of raw materials used

Define analytical framework for data collation / synthesis

Desk Research

Mapping of key players in value chain

Power cable sales by type & segment

Raw material data and pricing trends

Usage trends in key applications

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 50 industry players across the power cable value chain

Focus on market insights, buying behavior, technology, & business models


Generate five-year market forecasts by product type & application

Develop key findings & conclusions, market entry strategies in short & long term