Diversification opportunity assessment for large family group in MENA pharmaceutical sector


A GCC-based family-owned conglomerate engaged Aranca to assess opportunity for pharmaceutical manufacturing in KSA, with a sales focus in the MENA region

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the existing landscape, therapeutic area wise opportunity assessment, detailed business plan and route to market strategy


Our analysis helped the client identify the market potential and develop the market entry strategy into the targeted segment within the pharmaceuticals sector in MENA


Identify key industry parameters and metrics

Define framework for comparative analysis of business segments (by disease type) and locations to identify relevant opportunities

Desk Research

Detailed analysis of Pharmaceuticals sector in MENA: market size, trends, and regulatory framework

Identification of growth potential for different therapeutic areas

Expert Interviews

Discussion with ~20 industry experts and competitors across MENA region

Focus on operating model, revenue and cost drivers and challenges


Shortlist the most attractive drugs for a deep dive feasibility and location analysis

Formulate the go-to-market strategy, with a key focus on target operating model and marketing channel