Converting Research to Easy-to-use Tools

The Problem:

ProblemClient is the capital market research team of a large global asset manager. The researchers in the produce high quality research on topics pertaining to their business, and is often data driven. However, the reusability of these research is limited as the codes are often ad-hoc and inefficient, not linked directly to the data sources, and hence takes long time to run and get results.

Aranca's Solution:

SolutionA multi-skilled team was set up to understand the research paper, data and the code. Based on the assessment, the team would clean-up the code and make it efficient or write an altogether new code to create a full-fledged ready-to-use tool. Once the testing is done, would work with the client IT security team to host the tool over the intranet and make it available to all relevant users. These hosted tools are often managed by the Aranca team. Most commonly and regularly used tool based report production was also taken up by the Aranca team.

Client Benefit:

BenefitThe client was able to convert their internal IP to an easy to use tool, at a cost effective manner. Often, these tools are developed in open source resources like R, so that there are no additional costs. The knowledge of Aranca team about the internal databases and systems allowed a seamless production, deployment and maintenance.