Competitive benchmarking of leading sports drinks brands in the US and Mexico


To assist the client in understanding its market position relative to peers, and analyse peers’ strategies and best practices

Aranca Approach

In-depth analysis of the sports drinks market, and positioning of key players; and benchmarking the best practices


Our findings and analysis helped the client redesign its business operations and cater to the target customers more competitively


Define the framework for the study and understand the client’s current operations

Identify key brands in the sports drinks market, target customer segments and category-wise competitors to benchmark

Desk Research

Mapping key players in the industry

Detailing product portfolio, geographic presence, price, target customers, distribution strategies, etc.

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 50-60 respondents across the US and Mexico

Focus on market, brands, product characteristics, pricing, strategies, etc


Identifying best practices in terms of distribution and marketing activities

Benchmarking the client’s operations against those of its peers to highlight areas of improvement