Competitive benchmarking for air conditioning market in Brazil


The client is one of the key manufacturers of home appliances in Brazil and wants Aranca to analyze the competitive landscape for air conditioning market

Aranca Solution

In-depth analysis of the market players, offerings, pricing model, market share, value chain, distribution model, sales network, import-export markets


Our analysis helped the client to assess its competitive position in air conditioning market and effectively placing their products in the Brazilian market


Identifying all the manufacturers and importers of air conditioners

Profiling each competitor and benchmarking them against the defined parameters

Desk Research

Identifying local and international competitors in the market

Mapping of key players in value chain

Technology trends and innovations

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 10-15 industry players across Brazil

Focus on technology, supply chain, business models, pricing, key offerings and target customer segment


Develop detailed profiles of the key competitors

Analyzing key markets, consumer segment and product offerings in the market