Business plan to establish an integrated healthcare facility in Oman


An Oman-based private equity firm engaged Aranca to develop a detailed business plan for setting up an integrated healthcare facility in the country

Aranca Approach

Aranca prepared a comprehensive business plan, including the type of integrated facility, services, locations, entry channels, target customers, timelines and a detailed financial model


Aranca highlighted the rationale for the proposed business plan based on economic, demographic, and healthcare statistics, and provided an end-to-end implementation roadmap

Desk Research

Assess existing healthcare infrastructure, competition and demand potential for an integrated facility in Oman

Define a business model, including structure, offerings, and locations

Expert Interviews

Analysis of population, demographics and healthcare market, including competitors and their offerings

Analysis of capital structure, costs, revenues, and returns involved in setting up an integrated healthcare facility


Opportunity analysis of Oman’s healthcare market

Detailed business-cum-financial plan proposing implementation steps, timelines and cost & revenue analysis