Automation of Performance Attribution Reports

The Problem:

ProblemClient is a large global asset manager. They use FactSet Equity PA tool for producing portfolio performance analysis and attribution reports for the use of portfolio managers and performance reporting teams. Each team prepared reports in their on templates and there was no uniformity. This resulted in having most members of the investment team to have a FactSet license on their system.

Aranca's Solution:

SolutionA team of seniors visited the client teams and picked up the best practices from various teams. Created a template that incorporates best practices from across the globe was presented to the portfolio analysts and managers. On an iterative manner, agreement was reached on the standard templates for various reports. The production and distribution of these reports were done by Aranca.

Client Benefit:

BenefitThe standardization of reports allowed automation of the generation of reports using FactSet batch processing facility and programming done by Aranca resources. This reduced the time taken for producing the reports and increasing the accuracy. Most global teams were able to get their reports before they started working, due to the time difference, except for the Australia and Japan teams. The number of FactSet licenses used by the client and Aranca came down drastically, as the report generation work stabilized. Ultimately, client saved significant amount of money while producing reports that were accurate and uniformly branded.