AUM Growth through RFP Support

The Problem:

ProblemA large global asset manager has observed that they have been seeing an increase in the number of RFPs floated by their clients. This demanded a review of the RFP process and identified the importance of increasing the efficiency of the process.

Aranca's Solution:

SolutionA team visited the UK office of the client to understand the process followed, get trained and document it. The inputs for the RFPS were categorized to streamline the less dynamic part of the RFP process, initially. All the data inputs like AUM, short-bios of key people etc. could be filled in as long as these data are available readily. The team initially used the client Sharepoint site to collect and automate these inputs. The client also had subscribed to the Qvidian database, but was not actively using it. Aranca team got involved in updating the Qvidian database and automation, so that most of the answers for standard questions could be picked up from relevant previous RFPs.

Client Benefit:

BenefitThe client was able to complete more RFPs with better timelines and accuracy. Since Aranca team was able to take care of all the standard questions, client was able to get more time to think about the specific solutions and strategies . This increased the effectiveness of the RFP process and the client was able to win more RFPs and hence growth in AUM. With the success of UK process, it was subsequently rolled out to other offices.