Assessing market demand for a innovative multi-functionality credit card for Asian students in the US


An Indian start-up company engaged Aranca to assess the demand for customized credit card solutions for Asian (particularly Indian) students in the US

Aranca Approach

Detailed analysis of the current market dynamics and determine key product features and acceptance of the product offered


Our analysis helped the client to assess the market acceptance of the product and develop business and sales strategies


Develop an exhaustive list of questions to gather quantitative and qualitative insights from respondents

Surveying target respondents to educate them about the product and gauge purchase interest

Desk Research

Developed case studies on best practices in the payment services industry for students

Understanding the credit landscape of US with key focus on Asian (particularly Indian) students

Expert Interviews

Conduct ~100 interviews with Asian students and parents of students currently studying in the US, planning to travel to US

Interviews aimed at understanding the current payment solutions and assessment of the potential demand for such a product


Demand assessment of product by students and parents with key focus on product features

Develop market entry strategy based on industry best practices and recommendations from the respondents