Assessing growth opportunities in the global phosphatic fertilizers value chain


A N.American consulting firm engaged Aranca to assess the global phosphatic fertilizer value chain identify potential targets for acquisition

Aranca Approach

In-depth assessment of market dynamics, demand centers, value chain and distribution landscape for phosphatic fertilizers


The study enabled the client to reinvent the end client’s distribution network and gain insights on emerging distribution opportunities

Desk Research

Assessment of prevalent demand-supply dynamics

Analysis of competition strategy, global & regional trends in demand, strategic growth options

Mapping value chain and identification of key distributors across key regions

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 45+ industry players and experts

Focus on market insights, distribution approach, margins, & business models


Historical and future projections (five year) for phosphatic fertilizers across key regions

Short-listing and in-depth profiling of key distributors

Prima facie ‘fit-analysis’ on basis of product lines, geographical reach and product mix