Analysis of gas genset demand potential in China


A leading German manufacturer of distributed energy systems engaged Aranca to study the gas gensets market in China

Aranca Approach

Market sizing, market segmentation, demand dynamics, customer behavior analysis and competitive landscaping and profiles


Our analysis helped the client understand current market dynamics and attractiveness from a market entry perspective


Define framework for estimating market size and split by segments

dentifying key indicators for assessing industry size such as units sold per company, market shares, etc.

Desk Research

Mapping of active gas genset brands, product ranges, distribution models and competition structure

Identification of key industry trends and growth drivers

Primary Research

Discussions with 35+ industry participants

Focus on understanding market dynamics, popular products, genset prices, and future outlook & trends


Five year growth outlook for Chinese gas genset industry

Market opportunity - past growth vs. future outlook; impact of government policies on the industry