Assessment of investment opportunity in real estate sector in Turkey


To evaluate an investment opportunity, an asset management company engaged Aranca to conduct a market study on real estate in Turkey

Aranca Approach

Macroeconomic situation assessment, region-wise rental yield analysis, and capital appreciation outlook


Our analysis helped the Client in identifying the most suitable investment location in Turkey and assess the risks and expected returns for the next three years


Shortlist key investment-grade residential properties

Define analytical framework and blank slides for data collation/synthesis

Desk Research

Current and historical trend analysis for luxury residential properties

Evaluation of rental-yields and capital appreciation for short-to-medium-term investments

Expert Interviews

Discussions with 5–10 leading real estate developers

Focus on luxury residential properties, with an emphasis on villas in attractive locations


Developed three-year capital appreciation forecasts

Conclusions on attractive markets on the basis of the ranking matrix