Aranca to participate in the Global Patent Strategy Exchange 2013 in Dublin

Published on 17 May, 2013

Aranca has announced plans to participate in the Global Patent Strategy Exchange 2013 to be held in Dublin from 4-6 June 2013

May 17, 2013, London: Aranca, a leading research and analytics provider to global clients including several Fortune 500 companies, has announced that it will be participating in the Global Patent Strategy Exchange 2013 being organized by IQPC in Dublin.

This by-invite only event brings together senior patent counsel from leading companies and solution providers to develop relationships for the former’s patent initiatives. Senior representatives from Aranca will attend the Exchange.

Hemendra Aran, CEO of Aranca talked about the intent behind Aranca’s participation. He said “Our clients leverage our technical expertise to support strategic decisions relating to M&A, divestures, licensing contracts, securitization of IP assets, infringement litigation and R&D investments. They value our cross-functional capabilities that blend our experience in business research and valuation with patent research expertise. By participating at this exchange, we look forward to developing deep relationships with a whole new set of organizations who are seeking the unique set of capabilities we offer.”

Aranca has actively played thought leadership roles in prestigious global conferences including the recently concluded LES Spring Meeting in Seattle, the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2013, and ACG Intergrowth 2013, among others.

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