ARANCA releases IP Analyst Event report on the ‘Intellectual Property Masters Global Conference 2009’ Conference in Berlin, Germany

Published on 23 Jun, 2009

New York, June 23, 2009: ARANCA, a leading provider of IP Research and Analytics Services, was the exclusive research partner at a recent conference in Berlin, ‘Intellectual Property Masters Global Conference 2009’. The conference was held on June 15th & 16th and provided a forum for senior IP professionals in corporations, R&D heads, legal experts, and attorneys from law firms among others to share best practices in IP management.

Aranca has now released a comprehensive Analyst Event report, synthesizing the key ideas and insights gleaned from the two-day event. The other topics covered in this report include Strategic IP management, IP Research, R&D and IP Management, Integration of IP and strategies, IP risk management, Trademark protection management, Patent infringement process, US Litigation and Blockading competitors.

“While working extensively with diverse players within IP domain on various IP research assignments, we have gathered tremendous insights on the IP challenges faced by these players and strategies adopted them to overcome the challenges. We are glad to share our experience and hope that the audience will leverage this for their business objectives” said Hemendra Aran, CEO, Aranca.

Earlier, speaking at the conference, Deepesh Gupta, IP Research Manager of Aranca and Paramjeev Singh Sethi, Europe Business Development Manager of Aranca, highlighted the challenges faced by companies and law firms in a recessionary environment. They pointed out that that aligning IP strategy with business strategy, understanding own portfolios better and proactively looking out for IP commercialization opportunities can help companies navigate through the current crisis successfully. On the other hand, adopting a client-focused approach and restructuring of costs will help law firms to effectively manage clients, generate more business and remain profitable.

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