ARANCA featured in KPMG's Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Unlocking top-line growth by outsourcing "the core" 2008 study

Published on 18 Feb, 2008

New York: February 18, 2008 - Aranca, a global provider of end-to-end financial and business research services, was featured in 'KPMG's Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Unlocking top-line growth by outsourcing "the core" 2008 study. The KMPG report studies the KPO phenomenon to understand and predict financial research outsourcing trends. It estimates that the financial services knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) industry will be worth US$5 billion by 2010. One of the few comprehensive reports on the KPO sector, the study conclusively states that KPOs enable client-organizations increase their revenues. Cost savings and access to talented workforce are the key factors driving offshoring of high-end knowledge-based processes. In the financial research industry, KPO providers are already supplementing and supporting "core" organizational functions. While India remains the dominant outsourcing destination, countries like Australia, Canada and Singapore have the potential to capture some of these KPO opportunities. The need to preserve and increase competitive edge will accelerate outsourcing decision-making, the report states.

"Being profiled as one of the leading KPO providers in the study is a recognition of Aranca's growing market presence in key markets and sectors," said Madhusudan Rajagopalan, Director, Aranca India Operations. Established in 2003, Aranca has a strong client base in UK, Europe and USA. Commenting on the KPMG report, Mr. Rajagopalan said, "As one of the leading providers of high-end, outsourced financial research, we at Aranca feel that there is insufficient literature on the KPO phenomenon. A global study of this magnitude and depth will help decision-makers understand, evaluate and plan their outsourcing strategy." He added that "There is a need for more such concentrated effort to document findings of the KPO industry, as it informs and empowers both parties concerned - organizations looking to outsource and KPO providers".

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