ARANCA Appointed Exclusive Research Partner by Econique for M&A Masters Global Conference 2010

Published on 27 Jan, 2010

New York: January 27, 2010: Aranca, a global provider of customized financial and business research, valuation services and IP research, was the Exclusive Research Partner by Econique for M&A Masters Global Conference 2010. Held during January 25-26, 2010, in Old Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom, the M&A Masters Global 2010 addressed a range of M&A subjects such as post merger integration, financial structures, benchmarking the M&A processes, emerging market specifics and so on.

Even though the current economic downturn has severely impacted the valuations, a lot of companies are unsure of how to react. Buyers are grappling with “Is this the best time to buy?” kind of questions. On the other hand, companies wanting to divest non-core business to consolidate are worried about the kind of valuations their hive-offs could fetch. In this backdrop, the participants of M&A Masters Global Conference 2010 spent two intense days listening to select cutting-edge case studies provided by globally active companies and interacting with M&A experts.

As the exclusive research partner, Aranca made a presentation on “Global M&A in Changing Times.” Amith Karan, Director, Business Development & Strategy, Aranca, talked about how the M&A activity progressed during 2003-07 before the liquidity-fueled buying frenzy took over, and what contributed to sudden drop in the deals in 2008, and how the future is likely to pan out. “Taking stock in January 2010 about how the M&A activity made modest recovery in 2009 and what lies ahead, was the best way to start,” said Karan.

While talking about the event, Hemendra Aran, CEO, Aranca said, “We have had great experience working Econique in the past. Having done significant amount of work in the M&A space by supporting leading investment banks, M&A consulting firms and banks in terms of preparing competitive landscape, business and IP valuation, building pitch books and so on, we seek to add value to such events.”

The M&A Masters event was attended by decision makers and opinion leaders of global companies active in M&A, Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Finance, Law, Post Merger Integration, Project Management and Risk Management from all over the world.

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