Aranca and BVR Announce Business, Intellectual Property, and Investment Research Partnership

Published on 02 Nov, 2011

New York: Business Valuation Resources and Aranca, Inc. jointly launched BVResearch on April 6th. The new partnership provides rapid custom and cost effective business, intellectual property, and investment research for:

  • Technology firms
  • Law firms
  • Independent R&D centers
  • Technology transfer/commercialization firms
  • Investment banks
  • Brokerages
  • Independent research providers
  • Hedge funds, private equity and VC firms
  • Management consulting firms
  • Corporations
  • Government bodies and trade association

“The BVResearch partnership allows us to take advantage of Aranca’s strong international practice for North American businesses,” said Lisa Davis, VP of Aranca. “We have been featured as one of the leading organizations providing research and analytics services to global institutions in KPMG’s Report on Knowledge Process Outsourcing and elsewhere.”

“BVResearch starts with years of experience in three essential and growing areas of business research,” agrees David Foster, CEO of BVR. For example, “the BVResearch IP practice has highly qualified and experienced analysts who have advanced degrees in engineering and other sciences as well as MBAs, patent agents and paralegals,” he said. This gives BVResearch the experience and capability to handle a broad array of technology domains, with a specialized focus on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices and biochemistry. BVResearch services mirror the IP lifecycle from inception to exit.

BVResearch’s second major area, business research, delivers accurate, consistent, complete and timely output. Past clients include highly demanding organizations such as Bain & Co, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Bearing Point, Amadeus Capital Partners, Marsh & McLennan, NASDAQ, Walt Disney Group, IBM, London Stock Exchange and Reuters and many other large and small organizations. The BVResearch team has conducted research in more than 75 industry sub-sectors around the world in areas relating to entry strategy, sector dynamics, market growth prospects, market surveys, analytics and more.

“BVResearch offers both fixed fee report services including sector overview, detailed company profiles, competitive landscapes, and market attractiveness, as well as custom rapid research services,” said Davis

Finally, BVResearch has deep and specialized capabilities in conducting fundamental investment research, having conducted equity research analysis and reports on over 2,000 public companies and 500 private companies across 80 industries. Our large pool of analysts have extensive skills in financial analysis and modeling and provide our clients with actionable research including company analysis and research report writing.

Sample investment research deliverables include:

  • Equity research
  • Credit research
  • Economic research
  • M&A analytics
  • IPO preparation
  • Portfolio management

“We realize that businesses and analysts need answers immediately,” said Foster. “Having such a large team allows us to provide 24-hour turnaround or less on many research projects, via our new Rapid Research Service — at a cost much lower than other sources.”

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