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  • Medtech companies to play larger role in emerging telemedicine space

    The current pandemic is a grim reminder of the significance of virtual healthcare advisory. While telemedicine has been in practice for decades, the COVID-19 outbreak has catapulted its adoption to a completely different scale. It is on the way to becoming mainstream as the urgency of meeting medical needs during this period of social isolation increases. Medtech companies are expected to play a big role in facilitating this by coming up with relevant solutions that will enable physicians and patients to connect in no time and irrespective of location.

  • Transformational Technologies During and After COVID-19 Lockdown

    COVID-19 is changing the world around us. While technological transformation was already underway in most industries, the pandemic has quickened its pace, making its adoption necessary. Due to social distancing and restricted movement, various sectors across the globe are facing disruption. However, technological advancements in transportation and logistics, factories, and healthcare can help automate the most essential tasks. What are the emerging technologies that can help us navigate through these difficult times?

  • Four Technological Advancements That Could Change the Medical Tourism Landscape as We Know It

    The next wave of medical tourism growth will be assisted by superior technological systems and services.

  • Workplace 2.0: Balancing Business Continuity and Employee Safety

    The COVID-19 pandemic is showing no signs of letting up. With the global economy sliding into recession, businesses must restart operations to survive. While this step is imperative to save the economy, it also means compromising on employees’ health and safety. Can workplaces maintain the delicate balance between business continuity and employee safety?

  • Is 'Emergency Innovation' Helping Emerging Nations in Their Fight Against the Virus?

    Coronavirus is extremely contagious and has spread to over 150 countries across the world within a span of two months. Countries are adopting various macro-strategies to deal with the pandemic. Data shows that emerging countries have managed to deal with the epidemic more effectively than developed nations. While developed countries are using hi-tech technologies, emerging nations are taking recourse to ‘emergency innovations’.

  • 5G: Did COVID–19 Mar the Grand Rollout?

    The rollout of 5G, expected globally in 2020, took a beating as COVID–19 struck with all its might, taking one country after another. To deal with the highly contagious virus, lockdowns were imposed across the globe that completely derailed the rollout of 5G. While spectrum auctions and implementation have resumed, the tempo has slowed significantly compared to the speed with which 5G was being rolled out; however, there is hope that the delay will not have a long-term impact.


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  • US Telemedicine Market is Set for CAGR of 33.7% in 2018

    One of the main reasons driving the growth of the telemedicine market in the US is the growth in the number of computing devices coupled with rapidly evolving wireless networks which has led to increased connectivity between patients and doctors.

  • US B2B e-Commerce Sales

    Increasing emphasis on reducing the operational cost, and rising demand from customer side to procure products online is expected to drive the demand for US B2B e-commerce sales

  • Global Video Over-the-Top (OTT) Services Market

    The global video OTT market could be worth USD 51 Bn by 2020, presenting opportunities to key industry participants such as content creators, distributors, and OTT service providers.

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  • The Dollar Conundrum — Hedge Your Bets Before They're Bearish

    A well-diversified portfolio usually comprises of domestic and foreign investments. While portfolio diversification helps in mitigating country-specific and region-specific risks, it also exposes investors to the fancies of Foreign Exchange (FX) fluctuations. Consequently, investors are increasingly wondering whether to hedge  their foreign currency exposure.  

    We believe that a currency management strategy needs to be in place that enables investors’ to effectively manage overall portfolio volatility and risk, while also maximizing long-term returns. FX strategy is likely to vary depending on an investors’ primary objective: return maximization or risk reduction. Nonetheless, hedging currency tends to produce higher returns over the long term, while lowering risk. 

  • The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

    A healthcare application of IoT technologies, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) represents a new era of personalized healthcare and better living standards the world over.

    IoMT will enable machine to machine interaction, data-driven treatment, devices tailored to individual requirements, as well as intervention solutions that could enable real-time response from remote locations, allowing healthcare providers to save lives now more than ever before.