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  • 3D Printing

    3D printing is a process of creating solid objects, where consecutive layers of materials are set in three dimensions until the desired object is formed according to data fed in the modelling software or from the scan of an existing object.

  • Nanocapsules

    Nanocapsules are submicroscopic colloidal drug carrier systems made up of an oily or an aqueous core in-turn surrounded by a thin polymer membrane.

  • Oral Insulin

    Diabetes is a type of metabolic disorder caused by an insulin imbalance in the body either due to insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas or due to body cells not responding to the insulin that is produced.

  • Edible Packaging

    An edible film or coating is a thin continuous layer of generally recognised as safe (GRAS)-certified edible material placed on food or between food components that can be eaten as a part of the whole food product.

  • Engine Cooling System

    Cooling systems deployed around the periphery of the IC engines of vehicles play a vital role in safeguarding the engines from overheating.


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  • Things to avoid while on-boarding a market research company

    Access to relevant and current information is the key to success in today’s highly competitive business environment. However, this is not always easy to do in-house. It may become essential to involve a market research agency. Having said this, there are certain do’s and don’ts that need to be followed while engaging one. This article takes a look at things that should be kept in mind.

  • Seven Ways a Market Research Company Can Add Value

    Market research entails systematic gathering and analysis of data for a specific business environment. The company can use the information collected to take strategic decisions regarding its product or service. An essential process for both existing and new businesses, it helps in avoiding costly mistakes.


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