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  • Lithium Polymer Batteries

    Lithium polymer batteries, or LiPo batteries, are secondary cells that find application in mobile electronics, laptops and radio-controlled equipment. W

  • The Cisco-BlackBerry Deal – 9 Months On, Who Gained More?

    On June 23, the cross-licensing deal between Cisco and BlackBerry was announced. The agreement was a no-brainer when one considered the current market position of BlackBerry, and how the Canadian technology giant wanted to make full use of its assets. However, the deal did raise a few eyebrows when one considered that it was only Cisco who would pay a licensing fee to BlackBerry, and not the other way around. With the deal now a quarter shy of being a year old, let’s understand who stood to gain more from the deal – Cisco or BlackBerry?

  • Oral Insulin

    Diabetes is a type of metabolic disorder caused by an insulin imbalance in the body either due to insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas or due to body cells not responding to the insulin that is produced.

  • 3D Printing

    3D printing is a process of creating solid objects, where consecutive layers of materials are set in three dimensions until the desired object is formed according to data fed in the modelling software or from the scan of an existing object.

  • Edible Vaccines – A Research Area Waiting to Explode

    Ease of administration and patient compliant due to oral delivery

  • Personalization of Treatment: Moving from Volume to Value

    The new healthcare ecosystem is increasingly becoming “patient-centric”. With the “one-drug-for-all” approach rapidly being replaced by personalized treatment, pharmaceutical companies are scouting for technology enablers to realize this goal.

  • Nanocapsules

    Nanocapsules are submicroscopic colloidal drug carrier systems made up of an oily or an aqueous core in-turn surrounded by a thin polymer membrane.

  • Edible Packaging

    An edible film or coating is a thin continuous layer of generally recognised as safe (GRAS)-certified edible material placed on food or between food components that can be eaten as a part of the whole food product.

  • Engine Cooling System

    Cooling systems deployed around the periphery of the IC engines of vehicles play a vital role in safeguarding the engines from overheating.

  • Four Ways To Get More Out Of Your Patent Landscape Studies

    Simon Sinek, in his TED Talk ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’, makes a prudent point. Interestingly, this very point makes a significant impact on R&D and IP professionals.


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  • Cyber Security is Critical in an Age of IoT and Healthcare Hacks

    Regulatory compliance to maintain extensive electronic patient records have made hospitals and healthcare institutes a treasure-trove of information, especially for hackers on the prowl for comprehensive databases of personal information.

    In an age rife with identity thefts and online fraud, digital medicine and the next generation of healthcare services may be shelved simply because cyber security measures haven’t kept up with the times.

  • Does Section 3(d) Make India Bad for Business?

    Introduced as an amendment to the Indian Patents Act in 2005, paragraph 3d has been a hot topic of debate ever since the famous Novartis (Gleevec) case of 2005. This section has long been criticized by international pharmaceutical companies as a bane, viewing it as a hurdle for the industry’s growth as it made India's patent environment unsuitable for doing business.

    Does it really though?

  • Are Smart Homes Still a Thing of the Future?

    Smart home technology is becoming a very serious business.

    We take a hard look at the market, which, like the others, is grappling with economic challenges and imbalances.

    Are entrepreneurs in the space seeing their grand vision come true?

    Are start-ups really making a mark?

    Is innovation living up to its hype?

    Read on for some of the answers.

  • Is Yahoo’s Patents Portfolio Really Worth $4 Billion? No Way!

    Any news of Yahoo’s auction is almost always rife with frenzied conversations about the worth of its patents portfolio. We, however, not only see a definite high risk to bet on a large volume of the patents, but also wonder if any valuable patents are really left in the portfolio after Yahoo’s patents sales to other tech giants over the last three years.

  • Will IP Intelligence Revolutionize Patent Search?

  • The Right Information to Display in a Patent Search – Can IP Intelligence Help?

    As a growing number of countries see the gains in establishing and empowering systems to safeguard intellectual property, global patent databases are likely to witness an exponential growth in the data they’re burgeoned with.

  • 5 Strategies & Key Players That Could Make Exoskeletons Affordable

    Powered exoskeletons could be game-changers for plenty of fields like injury rehabilitation and disaster response.

    That is of course, if anyone can afford them.

  • Shortlisting Appropriate Search Results – Can IP Intelligence Help?

    Looking for the right prior art in a sea of patents is as drawn-out as it is dreary.

    It’s about time we tapped Big Data and AI tocut to the chase.


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