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  • Growth in the Indian Telecom Tower Industry

    Exploding data traffic, a growing need for high-speed 3G and 4G networks, as well as greater smartphone penetration in rural areas has lead to in-building solutions and smaller cell sites; factors that are expected to drive the Indian telecom tower industry’s growth in the near future.

  • Indian Agro Chemical Sector

    One of the world's largest exporters of agro chemicals, India's agro chemical industry is poised for growth, backed by increasing investments and favorable government initiatives.

  • Pre-Owned Car Market in India

    A growing preference for used cars, the general decrease in holding periods, as well as the increasing number of new low-price variants will bolster growth in India's pre-owned car market.

  • European Fresh Food Packaging Market

    European fresh food packaging market is expected to reach USD10.7 billion by 2020 led by increasing demand for convenience food.

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