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  • Impact of digitization on Indian E-tail market

    Digitization, aided by remarkable growth in internet and smartphone users as well as reduction in smartphone prices, has triggered a major transformation in the Indian retail market. The rapid development of the digital market, coupled with favorable government reforms, higher capital outlays, and investment by foreign majors, is driving a gradual shift from retail to online retail. The uptrend in online retail is only expected to strengthen, unleashing immense growth opportunities.

  • Budget 2017–18: It is What You Make of It

    Preponed, progressive, and pervasive, the Indian Government’s Budget had a few unexpected turns that could hint at things to come.


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  • No-Price-Influence Condition Lacks Clarity; May Significantly Impact the Ecommerce Sector

    The way the ecommerce sector had been shaping up lately, it is clearly the question of how long can one pull on. If the absence of the clear definition of influencing prices continues and discounting is restricted, then ecommerce platforms may see sharp decline in their transactions. These conditions may accelerate the pace toward major consolidations.