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  • The Great Media Sale Is On!

  • Artificial Intelligence Could Boost Good Governance

    Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely gaining significant ground among enterprises. It can also help governments to usher in better governance, and ultimately, improve overall growth and development. 

  • Effect of Demonetization and GST on India’s Textile Sector

    Demonetization and GST affected the textile sector in different manners, and their timing had a significant impact as well. While demonetization primarily affected how business transpires between consumers, retailers, and wholesalers, the GST affected manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

  • How Does 3D Printing Impact the IP Ecosystem? Challenges and Risk Mitigation

    The advent of 3D printing promises the rapid and inexpensive creation of objects and prototypes.

    It also holds the potential to disrupt the intellectual property (IP) frameworks that govern key activities in supply chains and traditional manufacturing. As with other disruptive technologies that offer greater control to consumers (the photocopier, the video recorder and peer-to peer file sharing technology), IP laws struggle to keep pace with the rapid changes that 3D printing enables.

    Will 3D printing be disruptive to established manufacturing processes and supply chains?


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  • Digital Media Spending Witnessing Growth in India

    With the increase in mobile and internet users, the influence of digital advertising over online media is estimated to increase manifold through online medias, web-based advertising, search ads and social media.