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  • Global Wearable Devices Market

    The global wearable devices market is expected to increase significantly at a CAGR of ~21% between 2015–18 due to the growing popularity of IoT and an increase in consumer preference for sophisticated gadgets.

  • Commercial Drones — Future Prospects

    A growing demand for high-quality data coupled with technological advancements will drive the commercial drone market, which could be worth 2.1 billion USD by 2022.

  • Contactless Cards Growing in Popularity in the UK

    A popular substitute for small cash payments when dining out, getting groceries, and using public transport, the number of contactless payments are surging in the UK.

  • French Animal Healthcare Market

    The animal healthcare market in France is on the upswing, boosted by growing disposable income, a rising number of pets, as well as growing awareness about animal healthcare and continuous innovations in animal health products.

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